World Cup Penalty


World Cup Penalty brings a football match with extremely thrilling penalty shootout format. You have 5 chances to shoot the ball and block the opponent's shots.

World Cup Penalty gameplay

In the World Cup Penalty sports game, you will play as a player of one of the international teams participating in a penalty shootout game. Alternating between the two, you have five chances to shoot and five chances to block the opponent's shot. And of course, you have to try as hard as you can to get the most goals and the most successful saves. Winning is only for the person with the higher score.

Now we give you the chance to compete in this thrilling sporting event with the top teams of the year! Perfect timing and quick reaction are essential when participating in this game. Quickly choose your favorite football club. You will be alternately taking on the role of striker and goalkeeper. And then you will have to simultaneously try to get as many points as possible.

We believe that trying to be the best you can is simply the only way to win the entire game. You must beat every opponent you face in this fierce tournament.

Stay calm so you can block incoming shots. And then you also have to get your own shots past the defenders along with the goalkeeper's tackle and into the goal.
Let's take part in the thrilling shootout and make our way to the championship. Can you beat every team in your way and take home another trophy to the traditional room of the ball?

Some advices for World Cup Penalty

To overcome all the competing teams in this Penalty World Cup game, you must be a person with perfect free kick skills along with amazing judgment and reflexes. We mean that an accurate catching skill is essential to prevent the opponent from scoring. That's the essential condition for you to win the championship cup. Join this Penalty World Cup game to test your skills in the biggest and most exciting soccer competition on our earth!

Features from World Cup Penalty

  • Compete for high scores
  • Each team has 5 turns
  • Kick the penalty
  • Unique gameplay

Game FAQ


PB Game Studios developed this game.


You can play this game on the Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Join page Penalty Shooters 2 today to experience our exciting and fascinating world of football.


How to play

  • Shooting

Click the area at the bottom of the screen where a moving ball is. This determines which side the ball go (1st meter, bottom left), how high or low your shot is (2nd meter, middle), and how strong your kick is (3rd meter, bottom right)

  • Defending

An "x" briefly shows inside the net to show you where the opponent shoots. Click in any area in the net to make your defender jump to that area and attempt to block