Football Legends 2016 Online


Football Legends 2016 is a legendary football game from developer Mad Puffers. You participate in extremely intense matches and decide the match in 90 seconds.

Now, with Football Legends 2016, football fans and hopeful players of the sport have one more game to show off their ferocious passion for the ball.

You are arguing with your friends every day about who is the greatest player in the modern world. The debates never stop. However, in this classic game, you will be the one to decide the outcome of the match. This game accepts single-player or two-player mode. You can join together with your friends or go head-to-head against an AI opponent. But no matter who the opponent is, it is imperative that you play convincingly.

You have up to 15 top European teams to choose from. Each team has 2 typical players with different skills. The first player has a Deep Shot and the second has the Teleport skill. the match time is 90 seconds representing the actual 90 minutes in real life. So you often choose the right player for each round to serve your intentions. When the whistle blows, you are immediately drawn into the game. there is no mercy here. The precision in each ball and the ability to take advantage of flexible opportunities contributed greatly to the goals. The responsiveness of the images and the response of the buttons are also the specialty of this game.

Please join the match in a fair way, and do your best for the beloved team. Prove that you deserve to stand in the temple of football legends.

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Features of Football Legends 2016

  • Many famous football teams
  • Abundant skills
  • Simple gameplay and easy to learn
  • Unlimited experience space

How to play

  • Single-player mode: Arrow keys/ WASD   = movement, Z/K = super shot, X/L = shooting 
  • Two-player mode:
      • Player 1: Arrow keys = movement, K = super shot, L = shooting 
      • Player 2: WASD = movement, V = super shot, B = shooting