A Small World Cup


A Small World Cup is an extremely fun mini football game from the publisher Rujo Games. Game for two players. Score as many goals and become the champion.

A Small World Cup intro

When was the last time you heard about World Cup 98? Has it been forgotten? No hehe, now A Small World Cup will remind you of some of the beautiful memories of those wonderful years.

With this game, you focus on pushing people in ragdoll mode. Do it continuously, whether you succeed or fail, while your opponent does the same thing. However, the number of times you succeed and your opponent is the difference.

The gameplay of A Small World Cup

Do you know how you stumble across something and get excited by how great it is again? Because it's so basic, so easy to do, and so new. That is a unique feeling that A Small World Cup brings.

Your squad consists of only one rag doll, which you must hit the ball to score. Rujo Games has built a miniature World Cup. In this game, the popular title 'Mutilate a Doll' meets football, leading to some funny situations.

The World Cup competition is completely chaotic for 30 seconds with a 1 vs 1 format. You will have to control your rag-roll character to impact the ball accurately while it is in motion. by any rule. Really, this is the main attraction of this game. The fun continues endlessly until the end of the game.

Some tips from A Small World Cup

Choose between training and playing at the World Cup. Choose the difficulty, form a team and complete the tournament. Stay tuned for the Golden Goal mode. In this format, scoring one goal is enough to win and advance through the rounds of the tournament. However, keep in mind that your opponent only needs to have exactly one goal like that. Control your character to hit the ball into the net to advance to the final. Are you capable of winning a mini World Cup?

Features of A Small World Cup

  • New mode: Golden Goal - Play a fast-paced version of the World Cup
  • Additional practice mode
  • The match time is only 30 seconds
  • 3 levels to choose from Hard, Normal, and Easy
  • Stats from the game are kept permanently.
  • Many new stadiums.
  • Can pause the game.
  • The new sound is extremely vibrant.
  • Fun and eye-catching graphics.

A Small World Cup FAQ

Release Date?

A Small World Cup was published in August 2019.


A Small World Cup was created by Rujo Games.


Web browsers, Android, iOS, Windows.

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How to play

  • Pick player - Left click
  • Drag player - Cursor