Foosball is a basic indoor soccer game published by Codethislab. You can play Foosball without having to own an actual table. Join your friends and find out the winner.

Foosball intro

Foosball is a very familiar game associated with the childhood of many people present here today.

Coming to this game, you will have moments of extremely interesting entertainment by inviting your friends to try it out with two players in the game mode. With extremely simple game operation in the game Foosball promises to bring you laughter after stressful working hours.

The gameplay of Foosball

We are delighted to welcome you to this popular Foosball game for many years. You have the option of playing this game with your friends or against the computer. However, in any mode, the score is also a deciding factor.

You must control your players while you shoot the ball forward or defend your goal. The winner is the first to score five goals.

Foosball has up to 5 tournaments with different difficulty levels waiting for you.

It's great that this game is playable on both tablets and smartphones.

Some tips from Foosball

The game is pretty simple, but keep in mind that your goalkeeper and defender simultaneously move in opposite directions as you move. So if you miss one row, the other row can be out of position as well.

Unless the keeper is on the other side of the goal, a corner kick or a kick against the wall has a better chance of going inside than a straight kick that forces it past the defense and keeper.

Features from Foosball

  • Easy to control
  • Basic graphics
  • Classic game
  • Duo-player

Foosball FAQ

Release Date?

Foosball was published in Sep  2017.


Foosball was created by Codethislab.


Web browsers, Android, iOS, Windows.

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How to play

  • 1 vs Computer: 
    • WS keys or Up-Down arrow keys to move
    • Space to Place Ball
  • 1 vs 1:
    • Player 1: WS keys to move
    • Player 2: Up-Down arrow keys to move
    • Space to Place Ball