Basketball Serial Shooter


Basketball Serial Shooter is a simple and engaging basketball game. You just need to use mouse clicks to put the ball into the basket as quickly as possible.

Basketball Serial Shooter is really an exciting new breath of the basketball game. Although it is simply throwing the ball into the basket within the time allowed, it brings a lot of attraction. You have to meet both the quality of the pitches. You just have to make sure that you throw the ball into as many baskets as you can.

You start the game by choosing your favorite ball. Note that to have more choices, you must have a certain budget. Get the wins in the first matches to get the required number of diamonds. they will be used to get more beautiful balls in the list. Quickly hit the Play button and step into your own match. Before your eyes is now a basketball court as familiar as in the residential areas that we live in. The scene in the distance is a busy skyscraper with shimmering lights. The basket with its smooth construction moves to the left or right, above or below each turn you hit the basket. every time the ball is hit into the basket, the visual effects including the basket vibrating and sparks following the ball through the basket are superb. The ball is so powerful, so full of blood and so great that it shakes the sides of the basket.

In addition, the game also adds physical elements that increase the difficulty. And that is also the attractiveness of the game. Wind force and wind direction are factors to keep in mind as you control your pitch.

Let's increase the number of diamonds you have to get new balls. It took more than 14 hits to hit the basket to get a diamond. extremely difficult numbers. but you know, no diamond can be obtained without hard work and mining. The more difficult the challenge, the stronger the will to win.

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Features of Basketball Serial Shooter

  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Easy to understand gameplay
  • Attractive visual effects
  • Multiple levels continuously

How to play

  • Tap or click to bounce the ball