Gravity Soccer


Gravity Soccer is a game that combines football and physics. You impact the available objects or facilities to bring the ball into the goal.

Are you a lover of online football games? You also love the physical conditions. Now we are pleased to present to you the game Gravity Soccer. Your task is to bring the ball into the goal with the help of gravity itself.

In each level that you have to go through, collect all 3 gold stars. You need to correctly calculate the cases of the path of the ball and make timely decisions. You need to remove those objects as efficiently as possible. so the ball has a clear path, falls down exactly as calculated, and collects all 3 gold stars. If you don't finish putting the ball into the net by 1 level, you can still take the challenge again. Nothing is too difficult here.

Just collect all three stars. Click the objects with your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON or just use your finger to remove them. If you don't succeed, you can always start the level again. Can you collect all the stars in the online game Gravity Soccer? Let's try it yourself right now. Can you collect all the stars in the online game Gravity Soccer? let's try it now!

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Features of Gravity Soccer

  • Smart gameplay
  • Simple entertaining game
  • Moderate challenges

How to play

  • Left-click on the positions you want to destroy to guide the ball