Football Killer


With Football Killer from publisher Simplicity Games, you will test your exact soccer talent. It is undeniably the most important point of the game of soccer.

You have strong legs and correct eyesight means you are the best in this game. Now, let's verify the words we just said above.

This is exactly a fun and simple soccer game. You just need to try to aim the ball at the opponent players themselves. Be a good observer, it will keep you safe on the court. Don't forget that in addition to accuracy, you also need to shoot the ball in the most powerful way that you can. Simply aim the ball straight at the opposing player or align the ball's path across different surfaces so that the final destination remains the opponent's player. game with many levels along with many challenges that you have to overcome. Fun visuals combined with vibrant sounds will bring the stadium closer to you than ever. The game will become more and more attractive with many difficult obstacles making the way to bring the ball to the opponent player becomes not easy. In addition, hitting the goal is a prerequisite at every turn. The difficult thing here is that you need to shoot the ball without hitting the respectable referees. Please carefully calculate the path of the ball before clicking and going out to try your luck.

Let's see how many levels you will pass in this fun-filled game.

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Features of Football Killer

  • Attractive 2D graphics
  • Strategy game
  • Many levels of play
  • Intuitive controls

How to play

  • Use the mouse of your computer to shoot at enemies and/or objects.