Sprinter Heroes


Sprinter Heroes is the next version of the classic track and field game full of excitement and thrill. Now you can play with your friends at the same time.

With Sprinter Heroes, once again the immortal Olympic spirit in you is awakened. With so many strong opponents waiting for you, put on your best shoes, warm up well, and fuel your soaring spirits.

Now your opponents are no longer inexperienced high school students, they are professional athletes.

The game is now improved and it is for 2 players. The competition takes place worldwide. Not only alone, but you can also now join your teammates to become true heroes. You will have to go through uncompromising races on all seven continents, with countless other champions participating. Being the best is harder now than ever. At least you get to play against your best friend, but don't forget that, once the starting gun goes off, it's the undying sportsmanship that's what to aim for. Show your personal identity and reach the finish line convincingly.

Let's start the game using the Play button on the main list. the steps to get to the first track are completely simple. When the starting whistle sounds, click continuously on the arrow keys to speed up your character on the track. Remember that the track is only 100 meters and you have to do all your calculations as fast as possible. don't hesitate for a moment.

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Features of Sprinter Heroes 

  • Finger endurance challenge
  • Fun to relax
  • Gentle 3D graphics
  • Run with cheerful music

How to play

  • Player 1: LEFT / RIGHT ARROWS
  • Player 2:  A / D