Sprinter is a sport of sprinting 100m. The race only lasts about 10 seconds so you have to accelerate as soon as possible to reach number one.

Sprinter is a sports game that does not require a lot of tactical thinking, you only need to use two arrow buttons to complete the game. The simple task is to press 2 arrow buttons in turn as quickly as possible. Your button multiplier speed will be proportional to the character's speed on the run

The game has many different levels. Of course, the first level is the school running track. Students will compete against each other on the track of the stadium. In this round, warm up and enjoy the light of the round. Go to the second round, now the level you entered is the state. You compete against the best kids from other high schools. They are no longer the slow kids at your school. So take your exam seriously if you don't want to go back to your old school.

Passing the second level, you continue to compete in higher levels. And interestingly, you can even compete with superheroes. In this game, superheroes compete in athletics with their feet not touching the ground. More than that, after the superman level, who do you imagine will be? Now, aliens are also brought to our game field. Don't lose the face of Earthlings.

Again, with every game, react quickly to the starting whistle. Be your own opponent, not someone else's.

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Features of Sprinter

  • Olympic sports games
  • Addictive game
  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Live background music

How to play

  • You can play this game with the arrow keys.