Basketball Stars


Basketball Star is a famous basketball game from the publisher Mad Puffers. Here, you will be involved in extremely fierce matches and win with your teammates.

The intro of Basketball Star

Indeed, with Basketball Star, the game allows you to transform into famous players like LeBron James and other basketball legends. We come with a tense game full of life and bring an atmosphere that cannot be more exciting. The stands are filled with spectators, they are always raving with cheers, the lights are bright and the football field is beautifully polished, the friendly teammates always encourage each other, and of course is a formidable opponent waiting for you, all of which is brought closer to you by Basketball Star than ever before. Therefore, do not hesitate any longer. Shock your spirit and enter the field. Show your strength, defeat your opponent's ambitions and delight your fans with super dunks.

Game mode of Basketball Star

Everyone is looking forward to the moment the game starts. Your goal will still be to get more points in each match. that's the only way to win. Now you have 2 modes to choose: solo or play with your friends.

In there, the solo mode has up to 3 options for you. One is the Training mode. It will help you get used to the buttons and how the game works. Second, the Random Match mode allows you to participate in a random match. And finally, Tournament mode will bring you to a longer tournament. You will have to go through many matches to win the championship.

Besides, you can also join Basketball Star with your friends by sharing the keyboard. Here, there are up to 3 modes for you to choose from. The first mode is a 1 vs 1 match between you and your friend. Next, the second mode is 2 you will be in 2 teams facing each other. And the remaining member of each team is an AI character. And finally, the third mode is where the two of you are on the same team and face off against two other AI characters. The game has too many options for all types of players. So, what are you waiting for without choosing a suitable mode and entering the match immediately? Prove your talent or prove to your classmates who is the basketball master?

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How to play

1 Player:

  • WASD / Arrow Keys to move
  • X / L to shoot or steal
  • K / Z to super shot
  • S / Down Key to pump

2 Player:

  • To move: Player 1 uses WASD; Player 2 uses Arrow Keys
  • To shoot or steal: Player 1 uses B; Player 2 uses L
  • To super shot: Player 1 uses V; Player 2 uses K
  • To pump: Player 1 uses S; Player 2 uses Down Key