Kopanito All-Stars Soccer


Kopanito All-Stars Soccer takes you to the world soccer championship. Experience real matches between talented players and constantly prove your abilities.

We all have a dream to be the champion in World Soccer Superstar 2022. Your team has fans from all over the world. Therefore, you and your teammates cannot betray their trust. Seasons and matches mean a lot. So you should treat each match as a final. In short, try your best to be the best.

Now, you are fortunate to become an important element of the big teams. Show yourself that you are more capable than everyone else. And as in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, Aunt May said: "With great power comes great responsibility". So fight for both yourself and your teammates, and more than that for your dear fans.

First, you start the game by choosing competition or friendly mode. In which, the game has 7 teams available for you to choose for yourself as well as your opponent. Quickly choose your favorite team and join the match right away. After the opening whistle blows, move wisely, grab the ball, hold the ball and pass it to a teammate. Use the ball wisely to avoid the opponent's critical ball. Next, get as close to the target as you can and take the shot as soon as possible. Don't forget to hold down the D button to select the firing force and the left - right arrow buttons to decide the direction of the shot. Besides, do not forget to take advantage of the help of the miniature map in the corner of the screen to cover the situation of the entire football field. The game is simple but brings excitement like never before. Pursue the goal and become the world champion!

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Features of Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

  • Frenetic match atmosphere s 
  • 2 tournament modes
  • Simple gameplay
  • Beautiful 2D graphics

How to play

  • Menu control: ARROW keys to navigate, Enter to Accept, ESC to Back.
  • Game controL: ARROW keys to move
    • The A key for lob
    • The S key for pass or switch
    • The D key to shoot or slide