Rocket Soccer Derby


In Rocket Soccer Derby, you can own your own sports car and participate in the war of cars. Drive to control the ball and try to knock your opponents down.

Rocket Soccer Derby introduction

One of the top team sports is football. Competitors in this sport always compete with the goal of the ball and the goal of the opponent's goal. In this era, we all know that football is really the most watched sport in the world. That is an indisputable fact.

In addition, millions of fans are always interested in motorsport. Driving a car on the track always brings more excitement to the driver. For matches, you can race on the public road or race on the street itself. The greatest racers and technology is the highlight of this racing series.

In the realm of sports, both football and racing are becoming more dominant. Additionally, they are widely utilized in sporting events. Because there are so many followers of these two sports, they may form interesting game subjects. Recognizing this market, the video game Rocket Soccer Derby will satisfy the interests of football and racing fans. These two sports are combined in the game.

The gameplay of Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby is a fast-paced mix of racing simulation and soccer game. In that, you have to drive around the football field and always try to score goals against the other team is what you need to do. You have the option to join Rocket League or join short matches with shorter time. What's more, you can completely participate in the tournament and win attractive bonuses and of course the gears in the game to upgrade more and more items for your vehicle. You start in the Beginner League but if you have a good skill it is only a matter of time before progressing to the Intermediate League. And what's more, you can even quickly clinch a spot in the Experts' League if you put in some stellar performances. Do not hesitate to give your best in each match and victory will definitely accompany you.

Some tips on upgrading cars in the game

More advanced automobiles, stunning visuals, and incredibly realistic automotive mechanics are all features of this sports game. You are free to select your preferred automobile. Each automobile is uniquely designed. To build the most ideal automobile, every tiny element is also given careful consideration. Cool automobiles may be found in dark colors like blue, brown, and black. There are other vehicles that stand out by using vivid hues like pink, orange, and red. No new cars or unlocking is required. Each vehicle is prepared for usage.

Furthermore, you may select your flag. There are more than 28 flags, each of which represents a distinct nation. If you can play with the national flag, you should feel fortunate and proud. Soon, flags from other nations will be added. While you wait for your nation's flag, you may play with your favorite flag.

In addition, you have the option of playing in 1P or 2P game types. You play as a completely independent team against an AI opponent in 1P mode. This mode is great to be able to practice or in your own time. The game's controls are adaptive. However, the 2P option allows you to play against another person worldwide. Invite your friends to join you in an even more exciting and dramatic game. As a result, you will feel more connected with your beloved teammates.

In addition, you also have the option of playing with or without bots. You will form a team if you play against an AI character. This group includes AI characters and you. Your gameplay will be supported by AI characters. They are also completely capable of scoring, chatting with the ball and even blocking the ball.

Features from Rocket Soccer Derby?

  • Fun and exciting gameplay
  • Dual game modes
  • fluid car physics
  • precise auto customization
  • Accomplishments and leveling up
  • Cool effects and colorful visuals

Game FAQ

Can Rocket Soccer Derby be played online for free?

The online game Rocket Soccer Derby is available for free. To play online, you may just go to our website.


This entertaining soccer game was created by Destruction Crew


The game can be run on a web browser or a phone

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How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • F to lock the ball
  • Shift to use nitro
  • Space bar to jump