Tricky Kick


Tricky Kick is a game by Digi Smile Ltd. You confidently enter the football arena and score goals. Prove to everyone that you are the best player right now.

In Tricky Kick, you have the choice to play with many different levels with fun challenges and different obstacles. Prepare yourself for this extraordinary ball game. Believe in everything you have, with fast and accurate shots, confidently enter the colorful 3D world of Tricky Kick and win the prestigious trophy.

It can't be helped, your ultimate goal is still to get the ball into the net and score quickly. Different levels have different obstacles and challenges. No matter how easy football in real life is for you, in this game it is not necessarily easy for you. Although you only control with simple operations with your mouse.

Let's get things started with the Play button on the Menu bar. Click to make the ball move. Don't slack off a bit from the first click because a lot of tough obstacles are waiting for you ahead. On the way to bring the ball to the goal, you must align the time and the distance reasonably and accurately. If you hit an obstacle, unfortunately, the game starts again from the starting line.

The results are always displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Each time you fail, you lose a ball. You can get back what was lost bypassing the levels of the game.

You can use them to unlock other balls from the in-game store.

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Features of Tricky Kick

  • Eye-catching 3D graphics
  • Challenge 14 different types of balls
  • Intuitive controls
  • 30 different levels
  • Attractive gameplay

How to play

Play this game with your mouse.