Head Soccer 2022


Head Soccer 2022 is the latest football sport game in 2022 with simple but extremely attractive gameplay. You can join your friend in every match.

Head Soccer 2022 game once again awakens the passion for the ball in you and your teammates. This is a fast-paced game. You have up to two choices. If there are teammates around, choose the 2-player mode. The other mode is that you will play against an AI opponent.

Head Soccer 2022 brings a fun football image with classic big-headed characters from 10 countries with the top football teams in the world today. There are up to ten top football players in the world at the moment for you to choose from. Transform into big-headed cartoon versions of Antoine Griezmann, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Mohamed Salah. Let's start in the first modes and progress to more difficult stages. 

The matches only lasted for a short minute, but there were many situations that took place. depending on how it looks in your field. If the match goes through one minute of play in a tie, the golden goal rule will apply. This was the most intense moment of the match.

Don't forget that the game has a two-player mode. Join with your close friends. The rivalry with friends makes the match more attractive than ever. The rivalry between friends has never been less attractive.

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Features of Head Soccer 2022

  • There is a two-player mode.
  • The gameplay is very easy to understand;
  • Addictive gameplay
  • 10 famous players to choose
  • Fast play tempo

How to play

  • Player 1: WASD = move, F/G = hit the ball. 
  • Player 2: Arrow = move, K/L = hit the ball