Penalty Shootout: Multi League


Penalty Shootout: Multi League is an attractive penalty shootout soccer game. Vladeta Marinkovic brings us one of the greatest football games ever released.

Penalty Shootout: Multi League intro

Penalties are always the most exciting part of every football match. We know that many of the big games have been decided by this tense and risky penalty shoot-out. You may think that shooting the ball into the net and stopping the shots is simple, but you are wrong.

Some people liken the penalty shootout to a red and black lottery. You try your luck and if you win, your name will be known throughout the vast stadium. Because of that glory, what are you waiting for without choosing a team, playing calmly, and confidently to become a real fighter in the penalty shootout?

The gameplay of Penalty Shootout: Multi League

We bring you unbelievable tournaments and give you a chance to prove your outstanding skills. You have up to 12 options when joining great teams around the world. Now, the road to glory is no longer a dream. You will start the tournament with group stage matches. This period can be considered as some practice matches for many times more intense than the matches in the inner round. So let's take first place in this round.

And the knockout matches are waiting for you right after the qualifiers. At this point, the tension of the penalty shootout was higher than ever. The whole stadium with tens of thousands of spectators is eagerly waiting to see who is the real king of this dramatic penalty shootout. Keep yourself a cool head. Whether in the position of the free kick player or the goalkeeper position, you still need to keep a confident composure. Show everyone your mastery skills now!

Some tips from Penalty Shootout: Multi League

Game with simple rules of a penalty shootout. When playing the role of a free kick player, you can click anywhere to determine indicators such as the vertical position, the horizontal position of the target, and the strength of the ball. At the first click, you are given the option to shoot the ball into the goal horizontally. You wait and click as soon as the ball moves to the position you want. Then the second mouse click with the ball rolling along the goal. You will click when the ball reaches the right height. The third click is to decide whether the force of the ball is strong or light. Remember that the opponent's goalkeeper always remembers the position of the previous ball you made. Therefore, diversify your shooting positions.

When you are a goalkeeper, the target that the opponent will shoot at will appear on the goal of the ball in just a few seconds. It is marked with a red dot. Please quickly click on that position so that the goalkeeper can promptly block. Your key is time to judge and react quickly. No matter what position you are in, show your abilities to the best of your ability.

Features from Penalty Shootout: Multi League

  • Qualifying Competition
  • Each team has 5 shots and saves
  • 12 teams to choose from
  • Simple and attractive gameplay

Penalty Shootout: Multi League FAQ

Release Date?

Penalty Shootout: Multi League was Originally released in May 2017 and updated in August 2018.


Penalty Shootout: Multi League was made playable by  Vladeta Marinkovic.


This game is completely free to play.

You can play this game on the computer or mobile.

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How to play

  • Left click to stop the indicators and catch the ball.