Tap Tap Ball


Tap-tap ball is an amazing endless ball rolling game in which you have to try to control the ball to move along a predetermined path as far as possible.

We get a ball rolling along an incredibly winding and unpredictable path. Along the edges on the path that we go with the ball are bottomless abysses that just need to be a little careless and you can drop the ball at any time. The danger is always lurking on our ball. The special path is more winding both at higher levels increasing the difficulty of the game. Be very focused and attentive if you don't want to lose your ball. You must pay attention to observe, align correctly and click at the right time to change the direction of the ball. Every delay comes with a price.

The game with simple graphics but brings extremely great attraction to players. believe me, you can't play it in one turn. Even the first 3 turns you still can't get past 10 turns. Please share it with your friends. you will be able to have cool stuff to compete with.

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Features of Tap-tap ball

  • Simple gameplay
  • Gentle schoolwork
  • Attractive gameplay

How to play

  • Click on the screen in time so that it changes the direction of its movement.