Football Legends 2019


Football Legends 2019 is an online football game that allows you to play against players from all over the world. You will have to show your real skills to win.

The intro of Football Legends 2019

From football fans to those looking for a game that is both fun and competitive, Football Legends 2019 has it all.

The game has diverse game mode options like playing with your friends 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 1 vs 2! Not many games allow more choice of game modes like this one. Complete all the achievements, finish the tournament as champion or you can play randomly. You can also log into the game to store data about your gameplay.

Before each match, the Match preview also helps you visualize the level of the opponent to have the right strategy to deal with. Let's do our best and win a glorious victory for the home team.

The game modes

Tournament mode will allow you to take part in the whole season where you play as a team and fight with the ultimate goal of achieving the best record possible in Tournament mode just by winning multiple match as possible.You can choose between one against one, two against two, or one against two team orientations when playing in a Random Match against a group of opponents.

By sharing keyboard controls in 2 Player mode, you and your friend can play co-op games to enter the tournament on the same computer. You can play against your friend in Random Match, with or without a computer-controlled goalkeeper.

Both you and your opponents will have a random team assigned to them in Quick Match. This allows the athlete to start playing the ball right on the court. The ideal game mode for individuals looking for quick, informal fun is this mode.

The most popular soccer game in the world is now available for Android. Join now to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of this game together.

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Features of Football Legends 2019

  • Vivid 2D images
  • Extremely diverse game modes
  • Nice effect
  • Sound that feels authentic

Game FAQ

Is the Football Legends 2019 free to play?

Yes! Go to our website to play this game for free.

Published Date?

This game was published on 01 May 2019.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

How to play

  • Player 1: use Arrow to move and press X to shoot, press Z to Super shoot.
  • Player 2: use WASD to move and press L to shoot, press K to Super shoot.