Women Football Penalty Champions


Women Football Penalty Champions is an attractive penalty kick game by Playtouch. For the first time, you can join a female team and fight like real warriors.

Women Football Penalty Champions intro

We are all fans of sports in general and football in particular. And are you really an avid fan? Is the World Cup tournament the pinnacle of football tournaments? Not only men, now the women's World Cup football tournament is equally attractive and interesting. All of these are brought to you by Women Football Penalty Champions right in front of your eyes right now. Imagine that your team went through two heroic extra-times. Next is a series of penalty kicks full of luck and brains. You are brought to the pinnacle of endurance. You are the one who will decide the victory of the whole team. What are you waiting for with such an attractive opportunity?

Let's go to the great ball of Women Football Penalty Champions and fight for each victory. Notice that in the stands there are thousands of spectators chanting your team's name. They held up smartphones and used flash to create a wonderful galaxy right in the stands. Now you and your teammates are out on the field and getting ready for the show. Prepare yourself with a tough spirit to defeat your opponent and give the audience a complete victory.

The gameplay of Women Football Penalty Champions

We all look forward to participating in friendly matches between both teams. But every match must have fierce competition. That is what brings excitement to the beloved audience. The match will be much more interesting when the competition is pushed to the climax. Fasten your shoelaces and fix your outfit to prepare for this real battle.

Like every other tournament, you need to win every single match. From the group stage to the final match is a long way. You have up to 15 teams to choose from. Join your favorite team and be ready to go!

You will be involved in a brainstorming penalty shootout. Of course, each team will take their own 5 shots and the winner is the team that scores the most goals.

We show the score through the number table in the bottom corner of the screen. If you shoot successfully, you will receive a golden ball. And conversely, the red ball is synonymous with a lousy shot.

You just need to use the mouse to join this game. In the goal, there will be 3 indicator bars for you to choose from. Of course which bar to choose and whether it is correct or not depends on your precise mouse-clicking skills. Click the mouse at the right time and make the right shot. At the same time, you do the same thing as a goalkeeper. Be alert and decisive to become the winner of the tournament now!

Some tips from Women Football Penalty Champions

To be the champion in our competitive league, you need more than an edge. It is a quick hand and a decisive action.

Choose your own soccer team and start the match right away.

When you are a free kick player, there are 3 indicator bars in the goal with continuous running buttons, Move your mouse to the corresponding area you want to shoot the ball. Please wait until the node area runs into the green space and quickly click the mouse. The stop button right in the green space will tell you a goal.

When you play as the goalkeeper, you do the same thing. Choose the position and click the right green space to block the opponent's shot. Note that the time you shoot the ball is limited. So make decisions quickly and accurately.

Features from Women Football Penalty Champions

  • Competition for high scores
  • 16 famous football teams
  • Penalty kicks
  • Join the shot and block

Women Football Penalty Champions FAQ

Release Date?

Women Football Penalty Champions was published on Jul 23, 2018.


Women Football Penalty Champions was made playable by  Playtouch.


Women Football Penalty Champions is exclusively available on the PC online and is created with WebGL technology.

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How to play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.