Unicycle Hero


Unicycle Hero is an Olympic sports skill game developed by Unpt. The game has up to 9 typical Olympic sports for you to show your talent and sportsmanship.

Today we come to Unept's exciting Olympic-themed skill game, Cycling Hero. It asks you to demonstrate your athletic prowess in 9 different competitions. These are all typical Olympic sports. However, there is an interesting twist in this game! The games are now not only their own but also have some significant changes. Can you ride a unicycle while throwing a javelin?

The goal of Unicycle Hero is that you have such synthetic skills. The single skill is relatively simple. However, combining the skills of two subjects in the same exam is not easy. Therefore, you need to constantly improve your ability to advance in the game. Moreover, you can buy your own clothes to show off your unique style. Are you capable of becoming a Cycling Hero? American video game developer Unept is the creator of Unicycle Hero.

Challenge of Unicycle Hero

To become a master in many competitions is extremely difficult but not impossible. Let's take a look at the Unicycle Hero character in this challenging game. Obviously he's an athlete, and they don't always want to be confined to a single sport. He has set his sights on reaching new heights in new fields such as bat throwing or motor racing and other sports as well. However, he really needs your help to balance himself on his special unicycle. Keep him inside while you decide where to start. You can ride a bike or play tennis, throw your bat as far as you can, or go to a court that has played tennis tournaments. It is always important to practice patience. Because mastering the game Unicycle Hero doesn't have to be done right the first time. We totally agree that you can try again and again in this case.

What is the best way to play Unicycle Hero online?

Can you balance on your unicycle while throwing heavy objects? That is exactly the purpose of our Bicycle Hero on our website. Let's improve your ability to go higher level in this game. You'll also get bonuses for purchasing more of your own outfits to show off your own flair and uniqueness. Do you think you already have the necessary skills to become a Bike Hero?

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How to play

  • Space - Throw
  • Arrow keys – Move