Toon Cup 2021


Toon Cup 2021 is the latest attractive football game version of Cartoon Network publisher. You will be accompanied by your favorite cartoon characters.

The gameplay of Toon Cup 2021

Coming to the all-new Toon Cup 2021, you will immediately meet characters that are extremely familiar with your childhood. You will be controlled from the big Bare Bear, the agile Ben 10 or Bubbles from the cute Power Puff Girls. The goal is still to control the game and score as many goals as possible.

This season, CR7 is becoming the savior of ManUtd. So recruiting him is completely impossible. But that's not why you have to worry. That's because the 2021 Toon Cup has prepared a whole squad that is always ready to join our team. And now, the first hard work is your choice. Each team can only choose 3 characters. Therefore, when choosing players, you need to consider your preferences as well as certain stats of the characters. In it, each character has different skills. Therefore, when choosing a character, you must balance the positions of your team. Above all, you need to ensure all 3 stats of Speed, Endurance and Strength. In addition to 3 players selected by you, the goalkeeper is controlled by AI mode.

The game modes of Toon Cup 2021

The game has 2 tournament modes, Tournament and Toon Leagues.

In Tournament mode, you have up to dozens of countries to choose from from 6 regions around the world. To reach the championship, you have to go through 3 knockout matches. Of course, the difficulty of the 3 matches will increase gradually. And so, will it make the game more attractive?

Besides, Toon Leagues mode is a much bigger playing field. In it, you still start your league with a selection of quality players. Those are the players from famous "training furnaces" like Gumball and Teen Titans Go, followed by Regular Show or We Bare Bears, don't forget Adventure Time and The Powerpuff Girls too. This mode has up to 3 big titles waiting for you to conquer. So your own skills will be put to the real test. Moreover, the difficulty of the matches is also improved. However, does the difficulty of the matches conquer you or not? Always keep in mind that the bigger the challenge, the more glorious the victory.

Moreover, in this mode, you will earn a certain amount every time you score a goal. And then, when you have accumulated enough money, you can unlock some new characters. In it, there are up to 7 characters waiting for you to unlock. These characters have special skills waiting for you to discover. Besides, you can also use the bonus money to buy new balls, or other stadiums. And more importantly, you can also upgrade the stats of the players in your team. What's better than having players who are your favorite characters and at the same time they have super skills. Complete challenges to improve your own team.

Finally, we talk about how to play. You control the character to move with the arrow keys. When you want to steal the ball from your opponent, get close and press the Space button to make a split and get the ball. Plus, when you move closer to the penalty area, this is the right time for you to make the decisive shot. Please press and hold the Space button to increase the energy gradually. And remember to only drop your hands off the Space button when the energy bar runs to the blue range on the scale. This is the exact amount of force for you to make a sure shot into the goal.

In summary, we have a football game with great cartoon images, simple controls, varied game modes and extremely lively sound. You can spend hours with it without even realizing it. Choose your players and become the winner of Toon Cup 2021 now!

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Features of Toon Cup 2021

  • Great cartoon images
  • Simple controls
  • Varied game modes
  • Extremely lively sound

How to play

  • Arrow keys  = movement, Space = Kick/Pass/Tackle.