Tappy Soccer Challenge


Tappy Soccer Challenge is an exciting one-button soccer game. You have to pass all the goals while maintaining balance with your soccer ball and air kicks.

If you feel that goals are too simple for you, they start changing to motivate you more. The set of time clocks slow down so you can take a breather. Cheers from the audience will encourage you when you succeed. Go as far as you can and surpass your previous best!

Three different difficulties

Easy: Simple since the ball is going more slowly than usual, this is a terrific way for younger kids to explore the world of toddler soccer challenges.

Normal - the circles are a little bit smaller and the ball is traveling more quickly. This level is intended for new players.

Hard: Got good nerves? It's hard. More rings every time, quicker ball, and smaller rings. This is the obstacle you must overcome.

Some tips

You have to maintain your balance while making each kick. That's not all, though. The second half of the game starts to test you more if you feel that the levels in the first half are too simple. It is important to note that you may motivate the crowd to applaud as well, and their support will be a reward for your achievement. Football fans, don't miss this game and give it your all!
To play, click.


  • 5 levels to unlock with progressively harder challenges
  • Allow time to move slowly so you can catch your breath.
  • If you believe that moving goals are too simple for you, what challenges you even more?
  • Fast restart
  • Cute comic graphics
  • Soccer atmosphere
  • Fast realistic soccer physics

Meeting day

The game was first offered as a Unity Web Player game in July 2014. As of October 2020, it has been upgraded to use WebGL and is now playable on desktop browsers. desktop!


The legendary 1930s Downtown Mafia was created by starlight, the same developer who also created the Tappy Soccer Challenge.

Web browser for one platform

We are proud to present this game on page Penalty Shooters 2 as a completely free service to you.

How to play

  • To hold the ball in the air forever, use the space bar or mouse click.