Snowball Kickup


Snowball Kickup is an addictive sports game in which you have to maintain your ball not touching the ground as long as possible. Create your admirable record!

Have you ever played snowball? This is a familiar game to players who live in cold areas. Now, snowball is simulated in the game named Snowball Kickup.

Are you confident in your ability to keep the snowball rolling? Your mission in this game is to keep your ball in the air. Don't let the ball touch the land if you don't want your game to end. Keep in mind that when the snowball gets smaller, it must be replaced by a new one in order to continue. Clearly demonstrate that you are a snowball expert!

The mechanics are simple and easy to control. You only have to use your mouse to click to control your ball. Let's start the game and try your bravery! If this game isn't challenging enough for you, try Penalty Shooters 2 to see how far you can go.

Features of Snowball Kickup

  • Exciting snowball game
  • Simple gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics

How to play

  • Use your mouse to click.