Sling Soccer


Sling Soccer is a unique soccer game from Gamezop. The game gives you a completely different way of playing the game compared to the rest of the football games.

Sling Soccer intro

This game gives us the opportunity to participate in football in a completely different way. We have up to 3 moves in one turn. Your job is to get the players moving in your direction.

You slide your players to impact the ball. It is a very simple way to play. The key point is to accurately adjust the angle of the shot and the power of the players to best fit the ball into the opponent's goal.

The gameplay of Sling Soccer

An online football game couldn't be better where you are allowed to play like real soccer players. Victory is always the enemy to the end of every game.. Therefore, remember that you must score as many points as possible with the corresponding minimum number of plays. Quickly choose the right team for you and join the match right away.

The game also allows you to play with your beloved bajuns. Please play fairplay. Care is essential to avoid being eliminated from the tournament from the group stage. Moreover, each turn has a certain time. Try to make your turn as quickly and accurately as possible.

Some tips from Sling Soccer

We start with choosing our favorite national team. When participating in the match, please note that you use the mouse and slide vertically to adjust the goal of the ball. You slide horizontally to set the force of the shot. Take advantage of every opportunity you have in the rounds

Time is always a finite thing in this game. So victory is only possible for the person with the higher score. Although the gameplay of this game is quite unique, victory is still determined by scores. Experience and win for your team. 

Features from Sling Soccer

  • Compete for high scores
  • Each team has 3 turns
  • Kick the whole match
  • Unique gameplay

Sling Soccer FAQ

Release Date?

Sling Soccer was published on Oct 12th, 2017.


The game was made playable by  Gamezop.


What's more, you can also play this game on PC or mobile.

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How to play

You can use the mouse to play this game.