Scary Baby in Yellow


The game is called Scary Baby in Yellow, and it involves babysitting a strange baby dressed in a yellow outfit. In which you have to watch a strange baby dressed in a yellow outfit. This baby isn't like other babies; its eyes are bright red and can shine in the dark. It can also fly, move quickly, and attack you at any time. 

How to play

You will have to feed, change, and hold the baby, just like when you were a child care worker. You should keep a close eye on the child, though, if strange things happen. No matter what the horror baby does to you, you have to walk around the house and try to stay alive as long as possible, night after night. Strange and dark things always happen around the house, so you have to get through all of them. With its moving images, easy-to-use controls, and scary sounds, Scary Baby in Yellow looks like it will be both exciting and difficult.