Puppet Soccer Challenge


Puppet Soccer Challenge is a fun soccer game where your character has no legs. You must align correctly to get the ball over the obstacles and into the net.

We would like to announce one thing that if you believe you will become an excellent striker in a football match, then do not miss the Puppet Soccer Challenge game! In this game, the best way to score is to get close to the net and make a perfect shot! Are you able to determine the appropriate angle and magnitude for different field locations? There is only such a way to win!

The game will put a round of target shooting in this challenge. You will get points for each goal you make correctly. The number of points depends on the accuracy of your ball. However, the caveat is that you will have to reboot if it fails even once. The question is can you afford to accumulate enough points to win a bronze, silver or perhaps platinum medal? The only way to improve your best score is to keep practicing!

Rules for the game

To become a soccer star, you don't even need equipment or a ball! Simply click with your mouse to complete the task. Tap the screen if you're using a mobile device to play.

The photo angle is the first thing you need to edit. Maintain focus on the arrow! To choose the ideal trajectory, be patient and click at the right time. All that's left to do is choose your firing force. Click again to prevent the bar from filling up.

Have you noticed that after each stroke your position changes? You will often encounter boxes blocking your path to the objective. Barriers can also be placed in the air, requiring you to throw the ball off of them to score. Remember that if you shoot at the boxes, they can move!

If you're lucky, you'll find a gold star! To land the bonus symbol and score a goal with a single kick, carefully adjust the trajectory and power of the ball. In addition to the points you get for a successful shot, you'll also get five more points for a successful shot. The fastest way to get a high score is to do this!

Never give up and never stop practicing! If you love a fun test of patience and accuracy, you must play this game! Speed ​​and agility are not the only qualities you need when playing football. You will excel as a soccer striker if you calculate carefully and accurately change the angle and force!

Free to play Puppet Soccer Challenge

Now on Penalty Shooters 2 you can play Puppet Soccer Challenge for free.

Online game Puppet Soccer Challenge

No download is required to play Puppet Soccer Challenge because it is an HTML5 game that can be played online.

How to play

  • Tap or click to aim and kick the ball