Penalty Superstar


Penalty Superstar is an exciting football game in which you will be a goalkeeper. Your task is to block all your opponent's shots and turn them into chances.

Penalty Superstar intro

Unlike the previous football games that were shown, you will now take on the role of a goalkeeper. Your only task is to block the opponent's shots. The ultimate goal is also to weaken the will of the opponent's striker and win the home team valuable victories.

Are you a multi-talented goalkeeper? Notice that not only are the new balls flying to your goal, but also a lot of other things that are much wackier. That is why vigilance is always the most important thing. Show off your flying skills and land safely. Become a technical goalkeeper and also have a precise eye. Contro everything towards your beloved goal.

The gameplay of Penalty Superstar

Hurry up to your beloved wooden frame and show the bravery of an outstanding goalkeeper!

You will be given a lesson and a series of pre-match footage to familiarize yourself with how the controls function.

After completing the practice, you can now participate in a number of events with a variety of levels. From local level tournaments to truly professional tournaments. And of course, each tournament has a higher and higher difficulty level. Right now, let's start our journey with the opening with the remaining 5 opponents. Each opponent will take six free kicks and your task is to take at least 4 of their 6 shots. Victory will be given to you when the number of successful saves is greater than 4.

Moreover, you will also receive huge bonuses. On the other hand, you may also have to receive limitations due to your mistake. There will be three tournaments that you can compete in. Of course, each tournament has a higher complexity and the opponent will also be much more formidable. Winning up to 3 noble titles will certainly be a worthy reward for the best goalkeeper in the world. Have you been excited yet?

Some tips from Penalty Superstar

Pay attention a little, during the match, you will have a chance to get great items. The item that makes your goalkeeper character many times bigger is one of them. What is more wonderful is when the goalkeeper has a large body and covers the whole goal.

The higher the level, the level of the opponent's free kick is also increased accordingly. This is the real challenge for players. While playing, keep an eye out for water bottles. These will expand your dimensions and make it simpler to save shadows. You must not allow any balls to pass through your hand. At the same time, always keep an eye on boosters. They can help you a lot in the game and vice versa. Be a sober and decisive goalkeeper.

Features from Penalty Superstar

  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • 3 different tournament options
  • Simple controls
  • High performance challenge

Game FAQ

Is it safe to play Penalty Superstar?

This game is suitable for children of all ages.


Maksim Eliseenko developed this game.


Web browser

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How to play

  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to jump
  • Down arrow to slide