Penalty Kick Wiz


Penalty Kick Wiz is a free kick soccer game made by DParrot. You will be tested your ultimate free kick skills. Let's compete and become a free kick master.

Penalty Kick Wiz Introduction

Make the best shot you can in the rounds of Penalty Kick Wiz. We are all on the field and in the stands, everyone is very focused on this big game. This is truly a spectacular match for both the late supporters of the two teams and the neutral fans around the world. Everyone is looking forward. Are you ready to present yourself in the best possible way? Be the number 1 version of yourself and win for your team.

You can find a more thrilling free kick scenario than ever in this Penalty Kick Wiz soccer game. Players will have the opportunity to become a skilled goalscorer by performing extremely beautiful free kicks. Join Penalty Kick Wiz today for a wealth of unique experiences and the chance to play professional football at the highest level!

The gameplay

You choose for yourself your favorite country from 32 options that the game offers. You can trust that with your hard work and excellent ability, you will be able to bring home the prestigious trophy. But with the score you get, you have to unlock some countries. After choosing your team, the game will actually be started.

The draw is something the teams did not expect. However, when this score occurs, the penalty shootout will be the most optimal solution to solve the match.

In today's match, although they were not allowed to start, they were brought on to the field to make a difficult penalty shoot-out. You are the chosen one for today's match. Is the penalty shootout as important as playing the whole match?

While you click on it to calculate the trajectory and force, your character is placed in the position of the penalty. You will be able to score if all the criteria are calculated correctly and your ball goes into the goal!

You and your opponent will take turns making your own free kicks and saves. This means that one turn you will try to score and the next you will try to block the opponent's attempt to score.

Let's find out together Let's see who deserves to be inscribed in football history today!

Advices for Penalty Kick Wiz

Strive to strike the ball accurately and forcefully enough to score goals as you navigate a realistic 3D world.

When the aim spot is between the goal posts, try to click on the left click to score a goal. Additionally, click on the aim point at the appropriate moment to prevent your competitor from scoring.

Features of Penalty Kick Wiz

  • Coloured 2D graphics
  • Simple to use interface.
  • All players can enjoy the simple game rules.
  • A wide range of intriguing features are offered to help players.
  • Several nations from which to chose as a team

Penalty Kick Wiz FAQs

Release Date?

Penalty Kick Wiz was Originally released in April 2022


Penalty Kick Wiz was developed by Physical Form.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


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How to play

  • Players must perform the following requirements in order to win the game: Tap anywhere on the screen and hold it until the target is just where you want it to be to make a shot. You can then release go.
  • The player can save his or her position by spotting the opponent's target and tapping it.