Penalty Kick Online


Penalty Kick Online gives you the chance to play as a free kick player in this extremely engaging game. Make the most of 15 shots to score the most goals.

Suggestions on how to play Penalty Kick Online

First, when you are played as the player taking the free kick, use YOUR MOUSE to click and swipe on the ball to bring the ball to the goal. And you need to be careful not to swipe too far if you don't want to miss out on your great guild size.

Move your cursor to block the opponent's shot as goalkeeper.

After taking your first shot, you can get another chance by correctly solving a math puzzle. And don't worry, those questions can't be difficult for you. After five rounds, score the most goals to win the game!

With XP and our brand new leveling system, you can develop your own career. By gaining achievements, you can raise your rank in the online game and fill your trophy cabinet more and more!

When you play the role of a goalkeeper, one piece of advice for us is to try to block the ball with your heel. Playing online is sometimes the most difficult situation for players. And moreover, we've noticed that new players often try to block the opponent's ball with their fingertips. Not to do so. Please aim above the ball. That will probably produce a much higher success rate in the course of your goalkeeping jobs..

Penalty Kick Online - Q&A

Is this a math football game?

We rate this as a really good question! We understand that no one really wants to do math problems while having fun. However, in our opinion, the use of arithmetic can add new depth to the game. Timing problems give players a chance to gain an advantage over their opponents rather than just shooting and blocking targets like in a regular game. It is even more beneficial if you perform better on some of your math tests.

Which national teams can you choose?

Penalty Kick Online lets you play as one of 32 countries from around the world. While we won't list them all here, as you play, all your choices will be available to you. and we are sure your team will be among the 32 teams that the game offers.

Is Penalty Kick Online difficult for players?

Penalty Kick Online starts quite simply for most players. However, after the third or fourth round, the game's difficulty level begins to increase significantly. However, the first few opponents will easily advance after you master the skill of the free kick and the ability of the goalkeeper to save. What's more, having that valuable extra chance on every shot is a huge game-changer and needs to be taken seriously if you want to get the upper hand against tougher opponents. Therefore, your math ability also needs to be at a certain level.

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How to play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.