Penalty Kick


Penalty Kicks is a simple but strangely attractive penalty kick game. You play as a free kick player and try to beat the opposing goalkeeper in 15 consecutive shots.

Intro of Penalty Kicks

Kick as hard as you can in the penalty Defend Wiz! We are currently in the center of a big arena. Due to the match between their two favorite teams, everyone is holding their breath. Are you prepared to play your best game and help your team win?

Penalty Kicks gameplay

It is easy to see that the ultimate goal of this game is to score by taking consecutive penalties.

You have to control your ball avoiding goalkeeper saves to increase the number of points you get for goals. Please note that the opponent's goalkeeper is an intelligent and agile AI character. He will remember the position of your shots taken to judge the direction of subsequent shots. Therefore, you have to really taappj and change your goal continuously if you want to fool the opponent.

Score a lot of goals, just like the stars of world football like Kylian Mbappé, Harry Kane or Karim Benzema. They are all players with the most advanced penlty skills today.


To start a new game, click the play button on the welcome screen.

By clicking and dragging the ball to the desired position, try to shoot it into the goal. On mobile, touch and drag the area you want to kick.

The game ends after 15 attempts. Oh, isn't your chance just like that? But don't get discouraged, you can hit the refresh button to try your hand at it one more time.

Features from Penalty Kicks

  • Compete for high scores
  • Up to 15 shots
  • Crazy sound
  • Eye-catching images

Penalty Kicks FAQ 

Is Penalty Kicks available for free?

Yes! To play this game for free, go to any gaming website.

Release Date?

This game was Originally released 20/1/2017.


The game was made playable by SkyLine Gamez.

Our page Penalty Shooters 2 always welcomes all of you to come join and share moments of real relaxation.

How to play

  • Drag left mouse button