Penalty Champs 21


Penalty Champs 21 is a penalty shootout football game from Physical Form. Pick your favorite team and fight to win the prestigious European championship trophy.

Penalty Champs 21 intro

We believe that among online football games, the online shooting game genre is always the game that attracts the most players. That's why we always try to present the best games of this genre to you. And now, we are proud to introduce to you another great soccer shooting game, which is Penalty Champs 21.

The gameplay of Penalty Champs 21

Penalty Champs 21 will give you a lesson on how to become a penalty kick master! It is also one of the important factors that make a champion. The game allows you to participate in matches from the group stage to the final match. What's more, you can only participate in a single match. But no matter what game it is, winning is always determined.

Choose your favorite European team to enter the tournament. The match is now decided by a lucky penalty shootout. However, accurate penalty kicks and stopping the opponent's shot also require a lot of skill. In the decisive moment, everyone's attention was on two people and a ball lying on the field. You have to withstand the pressure of thousands of screaming spectators in the stands and from your beloved teammates. Keep a cool head and act decisively. Victory is only for those who know how to take advantage of opportunities and have a strong fighting spirit.

Some tips from Penalty Champs 21

When you play as the free kick player, use all your killer skills. First, use the mouse to select the direction. Next, you choose the height and firing speed of the shooting position. Remember, all these stats directly determine whether your shot becomes a goal or not. Don't make the wrong choice if you don't want to turn goals into regretful opportunities.

Just picking and kicking sounds pretty simple. But Penalty Champs 21 is not just that simple. The opponent's goalkeeper is also not easily subdued. He can remember your previous free kick position and will do everything to prevent you from scoring the next goal.

When you play as a goalkeeper, your job is to keep up with your own achievements. This great game gives you even the chance to be in goal. Now you also use mouse clicks to control the goalkeeper. Just a few seconds before the opponent takes the shot, a red dot will appear on the goal, showing the location where they will shoot. Quickly click on that position in the most accurate way so that the goalkeeper can stop it.

In short, the key to the game is always to keep a clear mind, and get used to playing in both positions. You should observe broadly, and score goals while also defending the goal and completing your turn in the best possible way.

Features from Penalty Champs 21

  • There are up to 16 European teams to choose from
  • Easy to understand and attractive gameplay
  • Played in 2 positions
  • Vivid graphics and sound

Penalty Champs 21 FAQ

Release Date?

Penalty Champs 21 was published on April 29, 2021.


Penalty Champs 21 was made playable by  Physical Form.


This game is completely free to play.

You can play this game on the computer using the arrow keys and mouse.

What's more, you can also play this game on the touch screen of your mobile phone or tablet by tapping or swiping. The game must be the right size for your screen. If you receive a message regarding the alignment of your phone or tablet, please rotate it to correct the correct orientation.

If required, refresh the page.

Please participate fully because there is only fun. Follow the Penalty Shooters 2 to see other exciting sports games.

How to play

  • When shooting: adjust position, height, and strength of the shot.
  • When goalkeeping: tap on the target that will appear shortly before the opponent makes a shot.