Nick Basketball Stars 2


Nick Basketball Stars 2 is the sequel to Nickelodeon's exciting basketball series. Get ready to play basketball with your favorite characters.

The story of Nick Basketball Stars 2

In this 2nd version of Nick Basketball Stars, the list of favorite characters is added Captain Man and Kid Danger, more Red Ranger and Pink Ranger, and finally the couple. Lynn and Lincoln Loud. Besides, the story has many new points. You enter the tournament when it is in the playoff stage. It was the most intense and intense period of this tournament. It also brings an exciting sports atmosphere like the real-life NBA season.

However, unlike the NBA, Nick Basketball Stars 2 gives you up to 4 different game modes including Quick Match, Championship, All-Stars, and Hall of Fame. In particular, All-Star mode is a new game mode that appears in this version. All-Star mode brings the match between you and famous characters with 2 competition modes: 3-point shooting and thrilling Dunks competition. In short, your job is still to dribble, jump high, steal the opponent's ball and cleverly score a lot of points. You only face 1 opponent or the whole team. That depends on which game mode you initially installed. You have the ability to beat the stars or win the highest position. There's only one way to prove it!

How to play Nick Basketball Stars 2

Initially, when starting with the game, we think you should start with Quick Match Mode and increase your difficulty rig. Please select personnel for your team. It's hard to choose among the cute cartoon characters from the Nickelodeon family. Besides, do not forget to set the difficulty of the match. In 8 short minutes, whoever scores 21 points first will be the winner.

Now, you have up to 12 options for the team's personnel. They are the most loved characters from "training furnaces" like Teenage Ninja Turtles, The Loud House, and even SpongeBob SquarePants. Each character has their own skills waiting for you to discover. This point is already great, isn't it?

Next, when the game started, the show time came. Even if you're not in a real-life basketball game, with Nick Basketball Stars 2, everything is accessible. You move with only the arrow keys including left, right, and jump up. Press the up arrow button twice if you want a double jump. You press the Space button to win the ball from the opponent. And when you get close to the basket, you also use the Space button to make your throw.

In the match, score points by being as fast as you can. As you dribble near the roundabout, press the up arrow button and the Space button to perform a Slam Dunk. More specifically, when the energy bar in the lower right corner is filled, you can perform an unstoppable Mega Dunk.

What's more, during the match, items will be dropped and you should try to get them. Each item gives you a special ability. What's better than having the ability to outperform your opponent?

Other things you should know

In this version, we introduce you to an even more exciting feature: you can play on more unique basketball courts than ever before. High pedestals were placed in the middle of the field, and power-enhancing items were also placed there. Now, you play basketball with fiery sneakers or fly on white fluffy clouds. What could be more wonderful and unique than that?

furthermore, as you gain more experience, don't hesitate to switch to Championship mode with more challenging challenges. Now, matches take place in a 1 vs 1 format. So, this is when your talents are really tested. Play your best to win, affirming the number 1 position is the mission that you always aim for.

Finally, experience more of the game's superlative mode - All-Stars mode. Now, you feel more in control of the game than at any other time. You can choose a team consisting of one, two, three, or even four members. Then, choose the version you like. Here, we have 3 options: dunk challenge, 3-point gunfight, and H.O.R.S.E spin. The two teams will take turns performing their part from different positions. Really, with so many options, it's hard to miss a moment when you join Nick Basketball Stars 2.

Enjoy one of the best games from the publisher Nickelodeon, with up to 4 players and extremely attractive gameplay that can only be played online on Penalty Shooters 2.

Features of Nick Basketball Stars 2

  • Funny sounds
  • Animations with great colors and graphic styles.
  • Lots of cartoon characters and levels
  • 4 game modes: Championship, Quick Match, Allstars, and Hall of Fame
  • Challenging and addictive game.
  • Easy and fun gameplay

How to play

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Use Space to attack.