Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars


Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars is a fun soccer game from Poki. This is where you can participate in dramatic matches with the most famous football players in the world.

Heads Arena: Soccer All-Stars intro

You will come to epic stadiums filled with cheers of thousands of spectators right at Heads Arena Euro Soccer! To start the game, put on your shoes and run to warm up right away. With a fun twist and some great teams and soccer players, this game will quickly become one of your favorites. How many matches do you think you will win in your turn? Don't hesitate to show your talent.

The gameplay of Heads Arena: Soccer All-Stars

We are somewhat familiar with the image of characters with giant heads that always appear in-game series like this. It is like the nostalgia that brings a certain love. Do you love your country's national team? Is your favorite club Manchester United, Chelsea, or Liverpool? There's nothing better than being a member of those favorite teams.

This game has up to 14 national teams from all continents around the world. Tables do not forget the simple procedures before the start of the match. Please choose 1 of the 3 modes you want to participate in.

In tournament mode, you choose a team and try to move up the championship ladder by winning all the matches. In this mode, your goal is to be the champion and win the title. You can play with your friends in group mode by sharing the keyboard. Compete against each other or form a team and play against the computer.

What's more, the other mode is Will Grigg. Now you play as a world-famous soccer player. Each match takes place extremely quickly but only encapsulates in 90 seconds. Keep an eye on the time left in the middle and your score at the bottom of the screen. Parameters are not just numbers.

Some tips from Heads Arena: Soccer All-Stars

Because the goal columns are raised, you must change the height to score. Try your best to reach the final and win the game.

Not just a regular football game, 333 is not only played in a 1 vs 1 format but also 2 vs 2. The goal is still to reach the final round and win the champion's trophy. You can play with as many as 4 people on the same screen.

Heads Arena football all-stars is a fantastic online football game that anybody can enjoy, and it's even better because it's free.

Features of Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

  • There are three game modes to choose from.
  • Characters with huge heads are hilarious.
  • 14 distinct nations from which to pick
  • Option for multiplayer
  • A variety of soccer stars to pick from

Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars FAQ

Release Date?

Foosball was published on Dec 4th, 2019.


Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars made playable by Poki.


Web browsers, Android, iOS, Windows.

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How to play

  • Solo gameplay:
    • Arrow keys to move around the field
    • SPACE BAR to kick the ball.
  • Multiplayer mode: 
    • Player 1: use the Arrow keys to move around and the SPACE BAR to kick the ball.
    • Player 2: use the WAD keys to move around and the Q key to kick the ball.