Heads Arena Euro Soccer


Heads Arena Euro Soccer gives you the chance to play against the champions of world football. You have 14 teams to choose from and compete for the championship.

Heads Arena Euro Soccer - General introduction

Coming to Heads Arena Euro Soccer, you will be overwhelmed with the stadium filled with loud applause and cheers from thousands of spectators! Put on your football boots and start enjoying the competition of true champions on this amazing pitch. Heads Arena Euro Soccer is sure to become the favorite game of you and your friends with its exciting mainline, featuring many famous teams and famous football players of modern times. How many wins do you think you can earn for your team?

Features of the Heads Arena series

We've known for a long time that giant-headed characters are a trademark of the Heads Arena series. And of course, this game is no exception. Which national football team is your favorite? This game offers 14 different national teams from around the world to choose from! Quickly choose a game mode for yourself before the referee blows the whistle and the game begins.

The Game Modes

There are three distinct game types to choose from.

In tournament mode, you choose a team and try to climb to the top and stay there until you reach the championship by winning all the matches of the system. In this mode, your ultimate goal is to win the trophy and become the champion. You can play with your friends in party mode by sharing the keyboard.

You can play against each other or form a team and play against the computer.

What's more, the game also brings Will Grigg mode. In this mode, you will play as football player Will Donald Grigg. Each match lasts 90 seconds. The time remaining is shown in the top center of the screen and your score is shown at the bottom. Transform into Grigg and show off your best skills to get the best position possible.


  • 3 different game modes
  • Funny characters
  • As many as 14 national teams
  • Multiplayer mode



Heads Arena Euro Soccer made playable by Poki.

Release Date?

The game released in January 2020.


The game is playable on the following platforms: PC Web Browser, Android / iOS (Mobile).

This series' big-headed players and addicting gameplay are popular qualities. Make sure you play Penalty Shooters 2 as well! Have a good time!

How to play

  • 1 player mode: use the arrow keys to move around the field and the SPACE BAR to kick the ball.

  • 2 player mode: the second player can use the WAD keys to move around and the Q key to kick the ball.