Gravity Soccer 3


Gravity Soccer 3 is the third installment in the Gravity Soccer series. You need to clear the obstacles to get the ball to the goal and earn enough stars.

The game Gravity Soccer returns with over 30 challenges that are much harder than in version 1. Your mission is the same. is still to destroy the obstacles in the path of the ball, and direct the ball to the goal position. At the same time, the ball must go through the positions of the yellow stars. The number of gold stars to collect in each level is still 3 stars. now it is much more difficult to collect all 3 stars than in the first version. You need good observation, quickness in every click, and decisiveness with your ideas. Not every idea is on the right track or executed smoothly. Do not be discouraged but stop, continue to observe, fully calculate the cases, and choose the option you think is the best to implement. The feeling of getting the ball into the net with 3 glittering gold stars on the screen is well deserved. 

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Features of Gravity Soccer 3

  • Smart gameplay
  • Simple entertaining game
  • Exciting challenge

How to play

  • Left-click on the positions you want to destroy to guide the ball