Goalkeeper Challenge


Goalkeeper Challenge is a skill and exciting free kick soccer game. You will play the role of goalkeeper and block the opponent's shot to win as much as you can.

Goalkeeper Challenge - The intro

Each of us definitely has our own favorite soccer players that they idolize. However, we have noticed that we often seem to overlook goalkeepers. That is also one of the most important players of each team. As you will soon discover in the game Goalkeeper Challenge. In it, you should equip yourself with a little skill such as strength and reflexes to be able to block the powerful and dangerous shots of the opposing players. Goalkeeper Challenge is an exciting online game that tests your performance. Let's test your abilities!

Do you believe you can become a good goalkeeper in goal? You will immediately have the opportunity to show coolness, determination and great saving skills in up to 10 levels of this game.

The gameplay of Goalkeeper Challenge 

The sport game Goalkeeper Challenge is completely free. Your ultimate goal is still to protect your target at all costs! In this tough soccer skill game, take on the role of goalkeeper and stop any ball from reaching your goal! Move your gloves to the appropriate position to block and complete each level of the game. You need to show your blocking skills continuously and evenly. High scores are always the best rewards.

The match went on to the last series of penlty kicks. The opponent's striker unleashes a devastating kick and sends the ball straight towards your far corner of the goal. You quickly fly to the right corner and reach your arm to the position where the ball will fly. The ball hits your palm with great force. Its force is great but thanks to the strength of your arm, it is deflected and flying off the goal. You have now turned the opponent's "goal" into an "unfortunate opportunity". And it was accompanied by boos of disappointment from the away team's fans. Forget it, applause and praise from the team trying to motivate the nahf team is what you should listen to.

By saving enough kicks and defending your target, you make your way through each level. You have to block more balls to get the required number of points in each level. For those who can handle the test and have quick reflexes, this challenge is ideal!

It's time for the penalty shootout! Before you face your opponent on the court, practice every day to block as many shots as possible. Test your reflexes and lead your beloved football team to success!

Tips for Goalkeeper Challenge

Play as a goalkeeper in the game Goalkeeper Challenge to test your reflexes while attempting to catch as many balls as you can. If the first stages are simple with weak shots, the attacker will soon shoot more precisely and powerfully, so you'll need to react swiftly and precisely to make your saves.

Features of game

  • Compete for high scores
  • Vivid effects
  • Simple game mode
  • Funny sounds

Goalkeeper Challenge FAQ

Is Goalkeeper Challenge available for free?

Of course! To play this game for free, go to any gaming website.


Codethislab created the Goalkeeper Challenge.


Goalkeeper Challenge is a HTML5 Soccer Game.

Playable on all smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other Apple and Android operating systems, Goalkeeper Challenge is an online soccer game. A soccer game in HTML5 is called Goalkeeper Challenge.

Goalkeeper Challenge is a hand-selected online sports game for the number Penalty Shooters 2. One of our all-time favorite sports games on mobile devices is this one. To begin having fun, simply click on the large play button. There are leaderboards for the game's friends and the world where you can compete for high scores. View the top rankings for the goalkeeper challenge. Visit our list of the best games of all time to play even more free games.

How to play

  • Tap and drag or use mouse to control the goal keeper hands.