Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick)


Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick) is a completely realistic and attractive free kick simulation game. Be decisive and beat the entire opponent's defense.

Intro of Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick) 

We give you the opportunity to prove your true talent. You will do that by overcoming the difficult challenge of this fascinating 3D game. The game pacing is considered fast and continuous. You have to stay calm and move with it more gracefully. Make as many shoots as you can before the inning time runs out or even if you've exceeded 3 missed shots. Don't forget to diversify your shots to beat the opponent's goalkeeper and defensive players. They are smart AI opponents.

Direct the ball to the corners of the goal or the target position to get the important points. Save every free kick you take. The accuracy of the shots will determine the score you get. Prove who is the real king of the field right now.

Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick)'s gameplay

Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick) is a fun soccer game that you can play online for free at 333. The magic ball is just a short distance from you. You are more excited about winning than ever. In the stands, thousands of passionate fans are watching your every move. Now is your time to be the hero of the classic Free Kick (3D Free Kick). It's not just an interesting shootout. Score as many goals as possible. That's also how you get high scores. Shots that put the ball into the net and hit the target will give you the highest score.

Moreover, you should try not to let the opponent's goalkeeper touch the ball. The opponent's defensive players are also characters that we need to avoid when deciding the path of the ball. You have up to 3 missed shots before being disqualified and having to restart your game. Therefore, you should take advantage of your often redundant skills to not only score goals but also weave beautiful ball lines like never before.

Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick)'s tips

Your talent for free kick will be put to the test in this fast-paced game itself. Pay attention to each shot because the time and number of missed kicks allowed is limited.

To beat the opposing fencers and goalkeepers, you must constantly change your shooting style and increase the difficulty of your shot.

Goals into the corner areas gets you some extra base points.

Pay attention to your playing speed. Quick and strong action, the ball will go the same way. Remember, a goal just below the crossbar is worth 40 points. Meanwhile, a normal goal is only 15 points.

Features of Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick)

  • A fun free kick soccer game.
  • Midway through the three fail opportunities
  • Can alter the direction of the ball.
  • The score of the goal net varies depending on the goal location.

Game FAQ

Release Date?

Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick) was Originally released in May 2017 and updated in June 2018.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick) is an online football game handpicked by the team of Penalty Shooters 2 and we must play as it is one of the most loved sports. Let's start the game with just the Play button.

How to play

  • Drag left mouse button to kick and change direction.