Football Superstars 2022


Football Superstars 2022 offers a true football experience like never before. In this exciting game, you need to lead your team to glory by claiming victories.

The gameplay of Football Superstars 2022

Join Football Superstars 2022 having the latest football game experience ever introduced. With this game, players are transformed into favorite football players and control them in an extremely realistic way with beautiful 3D graphics.

True fans of soccer games have always enjoyed the fast-paced realistic role-playing game with smooth controls like in real football matches. They controlled the precise passes and dribbled skillfully to get past the opponent and score the goal with the perfect shot. Football Superstars 2022 gathers all the essentials of a top football game including extremely smooth and easy character control, running with the ball and cleverly shifting the ball to escape from the grip of the players. The opponent player, use the handle button to perform the perfect ball and shoot the ball to finish the opponent right after.

Football Superstars 2022 brings you the full range of the world's most attractive football tournaments, especially the World Cup. You easily satisfy your passion as well as the pride of the nation. You lead your own team to win trophies or represent your national team in the World Cup and bring glory to your country.

The levels of game

The game gives players different difficulty levels. So practice hard and improve your abilities. Let's start with the easy mode first. Try to perform well in both dribbling, ball handling, passing, and especially hitting the goal.

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Features of Football Superstars 2022

  • Play both online and offline
  • Brand new soccer superstar character 3D animation
  • Combination of top soccer leagues and the World Cup
  • Easiest and simplest soccer game controls
  • 3 different modes
  • Perfect 3D graphics and intuitive sound effects

How to play

  • Press the ARROW keys to run.
  • Press A to do a long pass to another player.
  • Press S to do a normal pass or switch players. 
  • Press D to tackle a player on the other team.
  • Pressing D at the same time as an ARROW key while you have the ball will let you aim and shoot it toward the other team's goal.