Football Soccer League


Football Soccer League is a simulation football game from the publisher JulGames. You will be able to participate in real matches and control your own team.

Football Soccer League intro

Since soccer games are so prevalent, you could believe that the genre has run out of original concepts. However, Football League is an entirely new concept. Select a team from a list of well-known British soccer teams, then take command of gigantic replicas of some of its most well-known players.

Football League changes the game into a one-on-one competition where one or two players must slide, shoot, and head the ball into their opponents' goal as opposed to normal soccer games where you control the entire team. It's a quick, snappy, and addicting game with a surprising amount of material that doesn't take itself too seriously. This is a game you'll be playing all year long!

The gameplay of Football Soccer League

Do you like to play football? Of course, we have full coverage for your enjoyment of this game. The best football championship game is now right here for you! Let's become the World Cup champion together by participating in this exciting soccer tournament. Quickly form a team and start kicking the ball in the soccer stadium filled with thousands of our passionate fans.

Let's start the competition by entering the soccer stadium for the soccer championship. Get points, then renovate the soccer stadium for kickball. Choose the player you think can score the most goals with your amazing skills.

Our soccer competition has really begun. And you prepare well for the championship game and win the football game. Top players from around the world take part in this action game's e-soccer encounter.

The opponents that can face you in this fierce tournament simulation are all formidable opponents. So you have to set some outstanding and idealistic goals. Earn points by moving quickly and upgrading the football stadium. What a wonderful time indeed! Some of this game's beautiful electronic balls will force you to replay the soccer match over and over again.

Some tips from Football Soccer League

  • Enter the soccer stadium for the league championship match with the other three continents.
  • Do you enjoy playing football? Yes, we have you covered. The finest soccer championship game is right here for you! Be the world football championship champion by joining the football soccer league.
  • Kick the soccer ball after smashing it! The top players in the world participate in this action-packed game's electronic soccer encounter.
  • Decide which player you think is most capable of scoring a goal with the soccer ball.
  • Form a team and begin kicking the ball about in the soccer arena.

Football Soccer League FAQ

Release Date?

This game was released on December 22, 2019, and it was updated on March 9, 2020.


Football Soccer League was made playable by  JulGames.


Web browser and mobile

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How to play

  • WASD to move character
  • Space or X to shoot ball
  • E or Z to pass ball