Football Penalty Go


Football Penalty Go gives you the opportunity to take exciting free kicks. Prove who's the winner by showing off all your amazing skills in each match.

Attractive game of Football Penalty Go

Really, quickly choose your favorite team and start the tournament today. The game offers up to 36 teams from countries around the world. We are sure that among them there is at least one football team that you secretly love. You have enough choices for yourself and do not hesitate to click on the name of that beloved football team.

Then, a world map with 8 major tournaments held on all continents will be displayed. However, you can only take turns participating in tournaments so the difficulty will increase with the tournaments. We will start the campaign to conquer the Intercontinental Cup with the first tournament taking place in Rio De Janeiro. Subsequent tournaments include Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Shanghai, and Melbourne. The venue for the tournament at the highest level in Antarctica.

Levels of Football Penalty Go

First, you'll start with the familiar Los Angeles location. The Play button will take you straight into the match. Now, in front of you is the ball. Even further is the defender and in the goal is the opponent's goalkeeper. The number of defenders as well as their standing position will move constantly to make it difficult for you to take the free kick. You hold down the mouse on the ball, move the mouse forward and select the direction of the ball. When you feel the time is right and the defender does not block the ball, release the mouse to let the player take the shot.

The special feature of this series of shots is that you are not limited to the number of shots. however, when you miss the shot 3 times, the shoot will end automatically. At this point, the game will be based on the number of goals you score to decide whether you win or not. If you have already scored 3 goals then the score will be a draw and we need to make another match. If you score less than 3 goals then unfortunately you are the loser. More than that, if you have scored more than 4 goals and missed the 3rd penalty then you are still the winner and will proceed to the next levels.

In particular, also because the rule can shoot as many times as you want as long as you do not miss more than 3 times, the number of penalties you can take will reach dozens. At this point, the number of defenders setting up a barrier to prevent you from hitting the target can be up to 5 players. And then the path of the ball from the free-kick to the bar became more difficult than ever. Therefore, you should take advantage of the early shots to score, create your own safety and quickly end the game.

Victory is always for those who show their skill and ingenuity.

Features from Football Penalty Go

  • Compete to win
  • Up to 36 teams
  • Ear-catching sound
  • Special pictures

Game Fact

Is there a free version of Football Penalty Go?

Yes! Go to any gaming website to play this game for free.

Release Date?

The game was originally released Mon Apr 24, 2017.




You can play this game on the computer or on mobile.

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How to play

  • Click or tap to aim your kick.