Football Penalty Champions


Football Penalty Champions brings the penalty shootout closer to you than ever. Choose your favorite team and start your journey to conquer the championship.

The introduction of Football Penalty Champions

Throughout the time football has accompanied history, we have witnessed great tournaments like the Champions League, and Premier League, or bigger tournaments like Euro or World Cup. Since then, the love for this sport has increasingly multiplied. Fans want to get involved in football in any way possible. And in that, we think Football Penalty Champions is the game worthy of this noble goal. Consider having an incredible night in the final minutes of the game. Now the match has ended the official 90 minutes with only a draw. Now the outcome depends on your ability to give the home team a penalty. The time has come to put your skills and steel to the test.

The gameplay

 Football Penalty Champions is a basic arcade game. The game created a situation that was a penalty shootout full of luck. You can choose your favorite lineup and play in penalty shootouts. As the excitement of the major football tournaments fills the world, let's prepare to keep our spirits up during these important penalty shootouts.

Master the controls easily by pointing and shooting with the left mouse button. Your aim is to score a goal without being blocked by the opponent's goalkeeper. To save the ball from the net, you just need to choose the direction of the shot, then rush straight into the goal and dive down appropriately. This is your chance to prove that you are the ultimate soccer champion! Best wishes!

Features from Football Penalty Champions

  • There will be several teams competing.
  • The game mechanism is simple and straightforward: Simply strive to keep the indicator in the green zone.
  • Control using a single button
  • Suitable for children

Game FAQ

Football Penalty Champions is a free online game.

Football Penalty Champions is now available for free on our website. Football Penalty Champions is a free game to play.

Release Date?

The Game was Originally released in June 2018.




Football Penalty Champions is a fun HTML5 game that can be played on both your PC and mobile device!

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How to play

  • Use the Left mouse to play