Euro Penalty Cup 2021


Euro Penalty Cup 2021 is a smart free-kick game with teams from the Euro 2021 tournament. You just need to use your mouse to control this simple game.

Euro Penalty Cup 2021 intro

Are you capable of becoming the best football player in Europe? Euro Penalty Cup 2021 is the biggest football event of the year. So get ready for it now! Let's become a member of one of Europe's top teams and help your team win this exciting championship.

It's also simple to play. Simply aim and use decisive shots to break through the opponent's keeper. But keep in mind that these are only the first shots. And moreover, you will also need to protect your goal against dangerous shots from the opponent. Try to predict your opponent's shots and watch for the red signal. The signal indicates the position where the opponent will shoot the ball. Quickly click on that position so that your goalkeeper can promptly fly to and block the ball and preserve the score.

The gameplay of the Euro Penalty Cup 2021

Prepare yourself for Euro Penalty Cup 2021, the largest football event of the year! Are you prepared to lead your squad to victory and surpass all previous players? Participate in this intense match to achieve this, and put your amazing sports prowess to the test.

A fun and kid-friendly online game, that's exactly what we found in Euro Penalty Cup 2021. For those who don't know much about football, penalties are what people are. must be played at the end of this match when the final score is a draw. For the selected team, the player can be both the pitcher and the goalkeeper.

Online participants can choose any of the 16 best European football teams. And then they can start the group stage, where they have to try to finish first after playing against three other teams. If you successfully qualify, you will qualify for the championship round of the tournament and have a chance to compete for the title.

Some tips for game

The rules of this game are relatively simple:

You need to try to score goals by getting the ball out of the opposition goalkeeper's block with decisive and subtle kicks. We think goals come in when you do those things. However, it is not appropriate to celebrate at this time.

Moreover, you also need to participate in defending your team's goal. Essentials include predicting your opponent's shots and watching for the red signal on goal. This signal can give you the location where the opponent will shoot the ball. Move quickly to that color point and click to let your goalkeeper fly to the right of the fastest way. Scoring the goal and blocking the opponent's shot is the real job. So prepare a quick pair of hands and fight your way to prove who is worthy of the final victory.

When you are the free kicker, to be able to beat the opposing goalkeeper and score a goal, you must first adjust the height correctly. Then you adjust the direction of the shot and finally the force of the shot.

When you are the goalkeeper, you pay attention to where your opponent will shoot and try to time yours perfectly. Keep an eye on the red target and send your goalkeeper flying there to block the ball as quickly as possible by clicking on it.

Features from Euro Penalty Cup 2021

  • Compete for high scores
  • Each team 5 turns
  • Kick the whole match
  • Simple gameplay

Game FAQ

Is the Euro Penalty Cup 2021 free to play?

Yes! Go to our website to play this game for free.

Published Date?

Euro Penalty Cup 2021 was published on 12/04/2021


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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How to play

  • Left mouse button