Crossbar Challenge


Crossbar Challenge is a crossbar shooting game in HTML5 format. This game has the best free-kick practice exercises. Try to show off your free-kick skills!

The intro to Crossbar Challenge

In the free kick exercises, the task of hitting the crossbar has long been known as one of the most difficult challenges of football. Now is the time to test your playability. Define your goal. At the same time, you need to hone your shooting skills. Then you put the ball in with just enough force to bounce off the crossbar. Enjoy your time!

The gameplay

Do you have the skills needed to get the ball into the goal? Now that full of tasks is even more difficult when the target is the horizontal truck. Instead of having to score as many goals as possible, you need to hit the crossbar as many points as possible.

There is no longer the opponent's goalkeeper in the goal. Only you face an empty goal. The hard work and will to practice will help you a lot in the actual free-kick situations in the match. You should pay attention to the horizontal distance, there are color lines separating each other. Each color bar is to mark different positions of the crossbar. On it will be the number of points that you get when you put the ball in that position. Those scores include 200, 400, 800, and 1000. They increase from low to high corresponding to the difficulty of that position on the crossbar. start with easy positions like the outermost side of the crossbar. Once you have scored in those positions, keep your shot steady and gradually move your target into the middle of the crossbar to score even higher scores. Consistency and determination are the keys to shots that hit the crossbar.

This game has a lot of different difficulty levels for everyone to challenge their free kick skills. You can play against other players or AI computer opponents. In addition, there are a few tricks that you can use to your advantage if your opponent successfully parries your shot. Start playing now

Features from Crossbar Challenge

  • Compete for high scores
  • Up to 15 consecutive plays
  • Exciting challenges
  • Sounds exhilarating

Crossbar Challenge FAQ

Free Crossbar Challenge to play

Play Crossbar Challenge right now on 333 for free. You can play Crossbar Challenge for free.

Release Date?

Crossbar Challenge was released on Tue Sep 24, 2019.


This game was made playable by  Code This Lab Srl.




No download is required to play Crossbar Challenge because it is an HTML5 game that can be played online.


On a computer, you may use the mouse to play this game.

Additionally, you may tap or swipe on the touch screen of your smartphone or tablet to play this game. The game must fit your screen properly. Please rotate your phone or tablet to the proper position if you see a notification about the alignment.

Whenever necessary, reload the page.

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How to play

  • Kick the ball and try saving using your fingers or a mouse.