BitBall is both a sports and strategy game. You have to lead a group of blocky characters to score goals in the other team's net. You can choose from many teams in BitBall, such as national teams, popular teams, and funny teams. You have to use the characters, skills, and strategies that come with each team to beat the other teams. You'll need to use the keyboard and mouse to move, pass, score, and protect. You can also mix the beats to make shades that look great and work well.

How to play

BitBall can be played against a machine or against people from all over the world. There will be different game types that you can play, such as friendship, qualifying, championship, and challenge. You can also pick the field, number of people, and time for each game.
BitBall is a fun and difficult sports game that people who love action and strategy will enjoy. When you play BitBall, it will be both fun and difficult.