Basket Champs


Basket Champs is a great basketball game from the publisher RavalMatic. You represent your country, bravely fight to defeat all and win for the country

Step onto the Basket Champs basketball floor and hear the enthusiastic audience yell your name! Do you fully prepared for a competitive match in which you may win a world tournament? Face different national teams and attempt to win every single game to climb the basketball success ladder.

Is basketball your thing? Don't be concerned if you aren't the best player in the world; you will not be a professional to defeat your opponent in Basket Champs! Your objective in each encounter is to win by scoring more points than the other squad. To begin the game, select a team.

The game has 24 teams to pick from, which are separated into four groups. You can begin playing after selecting your team! The first few games are from the group stage. These matches will actually happen between you and your teammates. Each match allows both sides to take 5 shots. You can maintain scores by keeping an eye on the scoreboard. Only at end of the round, the side with the most points wins the match.

If you win, you will receive two points; if you lose, you will receive one point. You will keep participating in the event if you gain enough points. Make your journey to the tournament final! You will be punished if you do not get enough points. That means you'll lose the match and will have to begin again, so always collect enough points to advance to the next round!

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Features of Basket Champs

  • Cute 2D graphics.
  • Fun basketball game.
  • Fascinating way to exercise.
  • Funny sounds.
  • Simple gameplay, easy to control.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to align the throw and throw the ball.