Athletics Hero


Athletics Hero is proud to bring you competitive athletics. The game is full of competition contents such as 100 meters, and 3-step jump, javelin throw.

The intro of the game Athletics Hero

In this entertaining sports game Hero of Athletics, you have to show your true prowess in a variety of completely different competitions. In each tournament, the gold medal is always the goal of every athlete. However, to be able to win that prestigious gold medal, in each Olympic event, athletes must try with the highest will. And now, you get to play the part of that talented athlete and step on the road to trying to win the championship.

Let's start the competition

First, we start with a simple 100-meter race and aim to outpace our competitors to take home the first gold medal. On the next turn, you need to throw the javelin as far as you can until you are ready for the next turn. You will continue to participate in the long jump with a total of three jumps afterward. Quickly choose your own hero. Then start accumulating bonuses to give your character as many quality upgrade packages as possible. In which, we evaluate the upgrade packages in terms of strength as well as speed and endurance as the most noticeable body parameters. From there, the competition will be increasingly difficult and you must meet all the requirements that the game offers.

B10b Games created the sports game Athletics Hero.

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How to play

  • Use Left Arrows or Click or tap on the green arrows to move.