3D Free Kick: World Cup 18


3D Free Kick: World Cup 18 is a fast-paced and extremely attractive free kick game. Show your free kick skills to score goals and win the championship trophy.

3D Free Kick: World Cup 18 - the intro

Are you capable of winning the World Cup? In this action-packed 3D soccer game, show off your free kick! In each round, swipe to shoot and try to get the score you want. To overcome barriers and goalkeepers, change your shooting method and bend your kicks. Remember, the opponent's goalkeepers are AI goalkeepers. They remember your previous shots and judge the next shot. So you change your shooting target on a regular basis. Aim the ball at the targets or corners to get more points. These scores will take you to the tournament finals!

The gameplay of 3D Free Kick: World Cup 18

We are pleased to introduce the game 3D Free Kick: World Cup 18 to you dear friends. It's time for the world's top soccer players to show their strength and virtuosic skills. Prepare yourself with a relaxed mind and a quick reflex for 3D Free Kick: World Cup 18. This game will give them a fantastic football experience. We are sure that you will never forget it because it is a combination of many good elements such as stunning 3D visuals, addictive gameplay and exciting gameplay!

Come to 3D Free Kick: World Cup 18, you will be the master of the match. The choice of direction as well as the force of the ball is completely at your discretion. Everyone dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. And in this game, you just need to make your free kicks to conquer world football! Which player will win the World Cup? One of your friends or you?

This game includes both a rich unlocking and upgrading system. The list of the game has more than 50 levels to play, along with many types of trophies. Lively and intense online tournaments and competitions are all featured in this realistic arcade soccer game. The football field here is open to all players and what are we waiting for!

Some tips from 3D Free Kick: World Cup 18

In this exciting online free kick game, we need to get the ball into the goal and avoid the opponent's defense to score. The fence does not appear here. You just need to aim between the three goalposts and try to avoid the opponent's goalkeeper to block your shot. To win, all you have to do is score as many goals as you can! There are up to 5 chances for you to score. So be alert and save your own chance! Try to help your country win the World Cup! Show off your free kick in this amazing 3D soccer game by sliding to shoot!

Features from 3D Free Kick: World Cup 18

  • Stunning 3D graphics,
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Exhilarating gameplay

Game FAQ

Is 3D Free Kick: World Cup 18 available for free?

Yes! To play this game for free, go to our gaming website.

Release Date?

This game was released on June 30, 2020, and it was updated on July 28, 2020.


It is a game played in landscape and it's playable on Desktop and Mobile

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How to play

  • Swipe to shoot and try to achieve the target score in every round.

  • Vary your shooting technique and bend your kicks to defeat the walls and the keeper.

  • Aim for the target or the corners to earn more points.