Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl is an American football game developed by New Star Games. Participate in different soccer matches and try your best to get a victory.

This game is inspired by American soccer, their playing rules are really similar. In a soccer match, your team is divided into two main positions including offence and defence positions. The offence positions are the Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, and Offensive Linesman. The defensive positions are the Defensive Back, Defensive Linesmanand Linebackers.  Each player in each position has a distinct role. Your task is to control these players to throw the ball to the eligible receiver or pass directly to the Running Back. Keep in mind that you have only two timeouts for half. Do your best to get the ball across the first down line to get a victory. The reward for the winner is a lot of coins.

You can use the coins to upgrade your players in the front offices. In addition, you can hire more offensive and defensive coordinators who will support the main players in the match. Don’t wait anymore! It’s an opportunity for you to become the boss of an NFL franchise.

How to play

Navigate - Mouse / Trackpad

Select - LMB

Some useful strategies to win

  • Try to upgrade the Wide Receiver to 4 stars to increase your winning chance.
  • Pass the ball to the Tight End position if you need a first down.
  • Attempt to keep the Running Back position wide open when you want to pass the ball to him.
  • Earn as many coins as possible and upgrade all players in the front office to increase your experience points.
  • Always upgrade the speed of the Wide Receiver and Running Back first.

Front Office and Achievements in Retro Bowl

All achievements

This game has three kinds of achievements that you are expected to complete. Here are they:

  • Game Achievement: There are a total of 26 game achievements in this game. They can be completed when you play the game.
  • Career Achievement:  There are a lot of career achievements.  You can accomplish them over the course of your career.
  • Front Office Achievement: You must do different missions in the front office to complete these achievements.

Front Office

There are many areas in the front office. In each area, you can do a lot of missions to make your team more powerful.

  • Stadium: You can use Coaching Credits to upgrade your stadium to make your fan more positive after each soccer match. The stadium can be upgraded to level 10.
  • Training Facilities: You need to upgrade your training facilities to gain experience points faster. Use your Coaching Credits to do that.
  • Rehab Facilities:  If you want your players to recover quicker and have good conditions, you must use your Coaching Credits to upgrade Rehab Facilities.
  • Salary Cap: It is the maximum amount of money that you can spend on your players. You can use your Coaching Credits to improve the Salary Cap.
  • Staff Hires: You can hire more offensive and defensive coordinators to replace players who get hurt in the last match.
  • Store: In the store, you can exchange a lot of coaching credits.

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